Welcome Coach Dana!

B3 Bootcamp welcomes Coach Dana to the team! This girl is on fire and we are so grateful to have her join our team! She has been a member of B3 for quite some time and does personal training with Coach Chris.

As time went by, she realized that group classes and training was something that she wanted to be involved with more than just as a member. So her journey began…

She is now a ISSA-CPT and teaches 3-4 group fitness classes a week with B3 Bootcamp. Want to know a little more about her? Keep reading…

B3: Why did you want to be a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor? DH: Having the chance to make positive changes in peoples lives. My focus is not just on making a client physically stronger but making them mentally stronger.  If you can get your mind right…your body will follow.

B3: What is your favorite class to teach at B3 Bootcamp? DH: Hands down BOOST. I get so charged when I get to train and execute workouts that combine strength and endurance.

B3: What are your favorite muscle groups/exercises to do? DH: My favorite is multi-joint power exercise. Clean pull, clean and press, hang clean…you get the idea.  The combination of power and explosion is extremely effective both physically and mentally.

B3: Can you tell us a little bit about your family? DH: Oh my goodness! I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband and 4 children. All of the kids are active in  sports. We enjoy playing basketball as a family and having fun on the lake.

B3: If you had to give any kind of advice to someone walking through B3’s door for the first time, what would it be? DH: Move out of your comfort zone!  You can only improve by not being afraid to fail. The discomfort of trying a new approach to exercise will achieve results. This concept applies to many things in life. So I encourage you to face your fears….that’s when growth happens.

Thank you, Dana for being part of our team and being such an inspiration! If you haven’t had a chance to take one of your classes, I strongly urge you to! She will inspire you and always challenge you to the next level!

February 3, 2021

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