Yes, B3 Bootcamp is primarily a gym, but our mission is to help the Orlando community feel healthier and happier. And, that includes wellness and nutrition. We love movement and exercise, it's the cornerstone of what we do however, to achieve overall health, your nutrition really matters. We always say that fitness is only 20% of the results that you see and feel and what happens in the kitchen is the other 80%. We at B3 are striving to improve your health and that includes having a group of nutrition specialists on our team. 


That's why we're here to help you. Nutrition looks and feels differently for everyone based on body type, lifestyle, genetics, activity levels, gender, etc. There is no-one-size-fits all when it comes to nutrition. With group programs, one-on-one guidance, cookbooks, and more, we'll help you with all things nutrition.

We know that nutrition can be a weird thing to navigate

We offer a variety of programs through B3 to help you with your nutrition from macro-counting and intuitive eating to meal planning and prepping. We break it down and can help you achieve optimal nutrition for long-lasting health. Ditch the diets and deprivation. We make healthy eating attainable and sustainable without making you give up all the things you love.

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It's important to eat good calories prior to exercising to fuel your fitness. Try to consume a meal that contains whole foods including complex carbs, protein, and some good fats at least an hour before exercise.  If a whole meal isn't an option, consuming a protein shake and/or some fruits 15-20 minutes before exercise will help you feel properly nourished while moving.

fueling your fitness

fueling your fitness

What is the best thing to eat before working out?

Sometimes the thought of eating after working out isn't favorable and if that is the case, think about "drinking" for immediate muscle repair. Consume 20-40 grams of protein along with 40-100 grams of complex carbs as soon as you finish training.  Try to consume a well-balances meal filled with whole foods within a few hours of exercise.

fueling your fitness

fueling your fitness

How soon after my workout should I eat? What should I eat?

Proper hydration is fundamental to facilitating the muscle-repair/growth process. To take full advantage, drink 8 cups of water a day. However, let your thirst guide you as well. If you're thirsty, drink up. You can also measure your needs by monitoring how water flows through your body. Try drinking 3 cups of water at a single sitting. If you don't have to use the bathroom within a couple of hours, you're probably a little under-hydrated and need to drink more. You should always increase how much water you have when exercising.

fueling your fitness

fueling your fitness

How much water should I drink while exercising? 

Whey protein powder tops the list. Whey is extremely easy to digest and provides a concentrated amount of branched-chain amino acids, which increase protein synthesis, the muscle's ability to take in and use protein for growth. Whey protein is especially beneficial when taken within 30 minutes before and immediately after training. It's easy to absorb, allowing the amino acids to quickly reach the muscles and kick-start the growth and recovery process. If dairy is an issue, pea protein is the best plant-based protein powder option.

fueling your fitness

fueling your fitness

What's the best kind of protein shake for beginners?

Both! Protein (from meat, fish, dairy or grains) is an essential nutrient because we need it to build strong muscles and bones, regulate hormones, support our immune systems and much more. Fats and carbs are considered our main fuels, with carbs said to be the body's preferred source of energy. Our brains in particular need carbs to help maintain alertness and concentration. They both have a job to do in your body. To learn more on what ratio works best for your body and personal goals, set up a nutrition eval with us!

fueling your fitness

fueling your fitness

What is more important to focus on while exercising? Protein or carbs?

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