B3’s Member of the Month

One of my most favorite thing to do is talk about our members at B3 Bootcamp. Yes, I may be biased but at the same time, the pride I have in seeing them grow and crush goals is truly an awesome and honored feeling!

One of those members who has definitely done that is Liz Gentry. She has been with B3 from the beginning and shows ups EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Not much gets in her way of following through with her fitness schedule, goals, and determination. She is one who never says no to an obstacle nor complains. She puts her best foot forward and gives her all at everything in front of her….with a SMILE on her face!

We surprised her with the announcement of being Member of the Month and her first reaction was “Why Me?”. Just her humbleness alone is a reason why! Want to know more about Liz, we sat her down and asked her some questions about her B3 journey and this is what she had to say.

B3: In or out of the gym, who inspires you to be better and motivates you?
LG: My family is my biggest motivation for sure!  My husband and kids really drive me to want to be better, stronger and healthier.  In this crazy world, I want to be there for them in every way I can. 

B3: What motivates you every day to come and give it your all at B3?  LG: I feel so much better on days I go to the gym and work hard.  My mood is better and I feel like I have accomplished something early in the day.   I have also really seen gains this year.  I felt better and knew I was gaining strength and endurance, but to put numbers to it really makes me see that the hard work is paying off.  That really helps me get up and head to B3!

B3: What is your favorite exercise or class at B3?
LG: My favorite class is definitely boxing.  I love going in there on a Friday and hitting the bags.  I have learned a lot from it and feel more confident.  It is also the perfect stress relief from the week and a great way to start my weekend 🙂 

B3: Do you have any specific goals to achieve physically for yourself this year?
LG: I want to continue to build muscle and, of course, lose some inches.  I really do want to improve in all areas – strength, endurance and flexibility.  I would like to get better on track with my nutrition so I can achieve these goals.
B3: If you could share one piece of advice with someone new walking into B3 to start their journey, what would it be?
LG: I would say the best way to start your journey is to just show up.  If you can get up and walk into the doors, you will get a great workout.  The environment is so encouraging and you just do the best you can do.  Before you know it, you will be improving and doing more and more.  The coaches are so amazing and very knowledgeable.  They guide you all of the way.  The people are fantastic and we all motivate each other.  Anybody can improve their fitness by just showing up!

Shout out to Niki for getting me in the door.  She told me I should try it and I appreciate that every day!

March 9, 2021

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