Why we BLEND…

It was very easy for me to make the choice to keep the “Meat & Potatoes” when I took over the gym. I truly believe in designating certain days of the week to certain fitness formats. However, being a fitness guru for over 24 years I have a few things in my back pocket that I think should always be offered in a group fitness setting. Plenty of strength endurance, cardiovascular training & flexibility.

Having these three components in any fitness regiment is the PERFECT trifecta to your workout. The BLEND of combining all three of these are huge factors in a well-balanced healthy lifestyle.

You need muscle to keep strong and to burn even after the burn. You need cardio to keep the blood flow fluid and raise your endorphins (let alone keeps the visceral fat off of you) and you need flexibility in order to prevent injuries. But question still remains…do you have enough time if your schedule to get all three in all the time?

That is why I designed BLEND. This beautifully balanced class is a sure way for your to BUILD, BURN, and BALANCE. Upon entering class, you begin with a 15-minute BUILD with your trainer followed by 15-minutes of big BURN. Only then to bring your heart rate down and get a juicy 15-minute Balance session. A 45-minute class sure to make your feel strong, alive and supple!

We offer this class three times a week and I couldn’t be happier seeing our member’s results with BLEND. Besides, isn’t that what B3 stands for…BUILD, BURN, and BALANCE?

July 27, 2020

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