B3’s Member of the Month

Shout out to this great guy, John Loria! He is our member of the month at B3 and we are very honored to have him be part of our gym family! He is a husband, father, firefighter, and overall the most humbling-kinda guy you’d ever meet.

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John started with us a little prior to us taking over B3 Bootcamp. He has watched our social media posts (He works with Ryan at the Seminole County Fire Department) and was looking for a place to improve his strength, power, and most of all, feel motivated. With under 4+ months (that included the quarantine) of being at B3, his health stats changed drastically according to his annual physical with the fire department.

Last year: 164lbs, took 8:22 sec to hit target HR of 158, and Body Fat 15.1%

This year: 168 lbs, took 13:40sec to hit target HR of 158, took 1:20 sec to drop below 95bpm. 12.8% body fat.

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This is INCREDIBLE! So proud of him! We asked John some questions personally about his journey and wanted to share them with all of our members. Here is what he had to say:

B3: Why did you start this B3 regime?
JL: I started this bootcamp regime to help me in my career. As a firefighter my job is very physical and I needed a style of workout that pushes me, helps me work on my breathing, and keeps me motivated.

B3: What keeps you coming back:
JL: What keeps me coming back is the energy level. There is a great energy level here and the motivation and drive from everyone keeps me going and working harder, you don’t get that at a traditional gym.

B3: What do you look forward to every day when you come to class?
JL: I look forward to pushing myself and physically feeling and seeing the results of my hard work and I like the peppermint towels!

B3: What motivates you to be stronger?
JL: My family, job and health motivate me to be stronger

B3: Where can we find you when you are not at B3?
JL: When I’m not at B3, I’m spending time with my family.

B3: What is your guilty pleasure?
JL: Guilty pleasure is chocolate chip cookies

B3: Any tips you can give to someone new trying B3 Bootcamp?
JL: One tip for a 1st timer at B3 would be to be prepared to work hard but to also have fun.

B3: Anything else you would like to add?
JL: If you are looking for an upbeat, positive gym that will push you and motivate you in a close knit atmosphere, this is the place to be!

Once again, John…..awesome job and we are very thankful you are part of our B3 Fam!

August 6, 2020

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