Okay, I am not talking about Your Mom. Promise. I am talking about our MEMBER OF THE MONTH. Something I have thought about starting for quite some time but I have had the incentive to do it NOW. Why you ask? Well, that part is even easier.

His name is Jonathan Martinez. He has been a member pre-B3, a regular with our Quarantine-Zoom period, and continues to amaze us coaches with his dedication. He shows up almost every single day whether at 6am or 8am. He not only shows up at the gym but shows up at home. He instills healthy living in his own home as well as those around him. He is a true inspiration and we are thankful to have him part of our B3 Family.

This photograph above was taking one year apart. That is how long he has been with us. This journey wasn’t overnight. It took time and dedication. When he showed us coaches his transformation, we just knew we had to share with all of you. So without further adieu, let’s hear it from Jonathan:

1. B3: You look great and I am sure you feel great. Was there a moment you knew you had to “make the change”? Explain?
JM: The moment I knew I had to change as every morning while putting on my shoes. I was having a hard time doing such a simple task like putting on shoes. I would breathe hard and have a had time.

2. B3: You are a husband and a father of 3. How did you find time to challenge yourself and not make excuses to give up?
JM: The only time that I could find having 3 kids is early in the morning before they even get up. I love the 6am class it is so satisfying getting done with my work out while the majority of people just waking up. I would not have it any other way. I have enough to stuff to worry about the rest of the day. The last thing I need to worry about is the gym. I look forward to spending time with my family in the afternoon. The key to an early morning workout is getting to bed on time. My wife and I have made it our family culture to go to bed early and make the most out of our day. We go to bed between 9-10pm.

3. B3: What is your favorite kind of workout?
JM: My favorite kind of workout is bootcamp. I love the class environment and the fact that we cover so much in a 45 min. workout. When I go to a regular gym it takes me an hour and half just to cover 2 body parts not including cardio. In our bootcamp class, we do it all from cardio to strength to endurance, etc. These days I don’t have an hour and half to 2 hours. Time is precious.

4. B3: What advice do you have for those who want the same thing for themselves but don’t know where to start?
JM: My advice to someone getting started is to make in the door. After you get in the door, you have to mentally prepare yourself to not give up even when it gets hard and you just want to give up. You got to want it so bad that you are willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. It all starts in your mind. You may even want to throw up the first class. I did. Your going to want to quit the next day when your body is in pain. I did. But, my determination and drive did not let me give up. Try your best to make it at least 4x’s a week to see results and when you do see results and your old clothes start fitting again, it’s an amazing feeling.

JM: I hope that my story will help you take the first step to just make it in the door. The B3 family will make you feel right at home and walk you through your journey. God Bless.

June 11, 2020

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