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Okay, so the biggest question I get asked about B3 Bootcamp is if it’s like CrossFit. Well, I cannot tell you how much of a NO that is. There is a huge difference between bootcamp-style fitness and CrossFit. Although there are some similarities between two kind of workouts, we Bootcampers separate ourselves from the CrossFit industry.

So, what is CrossFit?

I am glad you asked. CrossFit is a branded program. The major goals of Crossfit is to develop all areas of fitness and to be able to accomplish the most output in the shortest amount of time. Generally each person is scored on how fast they can complete the work out.The workouts include a wide variety of exercises including running, calisthenics, jumping rope, plyometrics, weightlifting, pull ups, and power lifting. It has since grown into a sport of its own and has been extremely successful with a cult-like following.

So, what is Bootcamp?

Again, I am glad you asked. Bootcamp is a generic term given to describe a fitness class that can be taught on any format that may benefit their members. The workouts are designed to improve all components of fitness: cardio endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and healthy body composition. Members are encouraged to push to the best of their individualized abilities.

The beauty of bootcamp style classes is that all classes are modifiable so everyone can feel safe while pushing themselves to new limits.  The classes include most of the same equipment and exercises you may see at a Crossfit gym but may also include kick boxing, yoga stretching, other popular ways to keep your your body in shape.

For the most part, the biggest difference between CrossFit and Boocamp is the competitive level that is approached. While Crossfit is known for it’s competitiveness, Bootcamp is less focused on competition and rather emphasizes encouragement and facilitating personal gains. Bootcamp also welcomes all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities and focuses on developing the individual to reach their maximum fitness level.

I truly believe that both Crossfit and Bootcamp offer excellent training programs that are designed to achieve results. However, I don’t believe that CF is made for everyone. This is why we do what we do at B3 Bootcamp. We have created a space that is available and achievable for anyone and everyone. No matter your size, shape, age or capabilities we can create a workout for you that will assist you on your fitness and wellness goals!

May 29, 2020

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