Benchmark Importance

It is a new year. For a lot of people, it means new beginnings. For some, they bring on resolutions that are not sustainable. This is an easy thing to get caught up in especially after our 2020 quarantine and holidays!


We like to focus on something differently at B3 Bootcamp. Not so much resolutions but solutions. We like to set a baseline for all our members and work with them in a certain amount of time to help them increase their gains. We give them attainable goals and we encourage them every step of the way. We do this through Benchmarks! A benchmark is a standard exercise that you repeat in order to measure progress. Benchmark workouts should be very personal, and regardless of the category of fitness you fall under, it’s all about setting both short-term and long-term goals and reaching them all in the name of health and fitness progress.


You may ask why we do Benchmarks? The answer is quite easy. We consider benchmarks like a GPS for the weight room. You can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t know where you want to end up and where you’re starting from. It is a tool we use to keep your head in the game. 


Our benchmark testing includes strength, power, speed, endurance, body-control, and stamina. They are personal to our members and are not shared publicly. This recording strategy is for each individual member to have a baseline so they can know how they can improve. It gives them the opportunity to set their own goals on what they want and can accomplish!


With a little of encouragement and a road map, anything is possible and with it being a new year it is our fitness resolution to your health solution!



January 6, 2021

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