This is my family. The one thing I have learned over the years is that family isn’t defined by blood. Let me start from the beginning so you can fully get to know me.

My husband, Ryan was born and raised here (literally down the street from B3 Bootcamp). I have was born in Pennsylvania but in my early childhood years moved to Orlando. Ryan graduated from Oakridge H.S. and I graduated from Boone H.S.

Even though we went to different schools, we met at age 16. We dated for some time and went our own ways to figure out this thing called “life”. Let’s just say 22 years, I found Ryan once again and our stars lined up.

We blended our family into one back in 2015. We live here in Conway. This is our home and the only thing our children know to call home. They all go to Cornerstone Charter and Boone.

Want to talk crazy? Let me introduce our children: My son: John age 23, my daughter: Madeline age 21, Ryan’s son: Camden age 15, my son: Charlie age 13 and Ryan’s son: Vann age 11. Phew!

We are proud to call Conway/Belle Isle/Edgewood ours. We know it in the back of our heads. We know almost every owner of every business and we can tell you about almost everyone and anyone. Kinda like being in Mayberry, huh?

I have been in the fitness industry for over 22 years. Primarily, teaching group fitness. Ryan has been a Seminole County firefighter for over 17 years. To say that health and wellness is our business is an understatement. We take pride in caring for people we love and genuinely want to invest in. Our goal is to always find ways to help them with their needs. Hence, why owning B3 was so important to us. We wanted a sanctuary for our community to come BUILD their strengths, BURN out the negative, and find the BALANCE in their wellness journey.

Moving forward, meet our gym family! We are so honored to have Chris, Shelly and Madeline (okay, she’s my blood) with us on this adventure. These three personal trainers bring so much good to B3 that I cannot imagine what it would be without them. They have been our backbone to this business not only with their presence but with their passion and knowledge. In our gym, you have such an diverse group of trainers. Two who specialize in personal training, one who has had more yoga training and hours under her belt for most her age, a novice group fitness instructor and a successful medical professional who will always be there in a time of need. I couldn’t be prouder of our gym family.

I know right now, we as a whole are stuck in the Covid-19 bubble. However, just know our family to yours…we will get through this. And once we do, I am so excited to share all the amazing things we have in store for you!

April 3, 2020

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