And the winner is….

Look at this girl! She did it. She is our FIRST place winner with the B3 8-Week Ultimate Challenge!

She came to us literally the day it began with her husband, Jeff. They both wanted this together and we were honored to have them join B3 for the challenge. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, Jeff had to pull out however he stood right by Angela’s side as her cheerleader!

Angela Pre-8 week weight was 157 lbs and her Post was 150.2 lbs.

Pre-BMI: 25.5   Your Post BMI: 24.4

Pre Muscle Mass: 103.2     Post Muscle Mass: 104.5
Pre Row Time of 250 m: 3:34  Post Row Time of 750m: 3:32
Pre Push Ups: 11 assisted     Post Push Ups: 15 PUSHUPS! WHAT???
Pre        W: 39.5
Post      W: 35 (HOLY COW)
She lost 4.5 in. in her waist which was her biggest BENCHMARK personally. 
And to top it off, she was one of three who faithfully turned in their sheets every single week! Way to go, Ang!!!
We asked her some questions after accomplishing these goals and I thought I would share.
B3: Originally, you were not a B3 member when we started the 8 week challenge. What made you decide to do this?
AH: Honestly, my hubby was asked to join the challenge. I didn’t know about it. I had already begun to make a few changes on my own, and decided to give it a shot.
B3: Right from the beginning, we detoxed, hit the nutrition, and became really serious about our workouts. What part of this challenge has been the biggest obstacle to get through?

AH: Probably the constant commitment, and pushing through those moments when you think you can’t keep going. And damn those burpees, push ups, and box jumps…haha 🙂
B3:  Through this challenge, what do you find to be the biggest accomplishment that you did for yourself?
AH: Pushing myself further than I thought I could, exceeding my goals, and winning the challenge!
B3: If you had any advice for someone who is thinking of committing to such a challenge, what advice would you give them?
AH: Do it! You won’t regret it.
Way to go, Angela! Of course on top of your amazing goals, you won 2 FREE personal training sessions, 1 FREE month of unlimited classes, and B3 SWAG Bag!!! Keep up the great work, girl!

October 27, 2020

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