Feast or Portion…that is the question!

Meal Prep B3

Meal Prepping defintaly has been around for quite some time. For avid meal-preppers, we swear this is the only way to stay on-point with your nutrition. Let alone, the stress that is taken off throughout the week from not knowing what to eat or saving yourself from multiple trips to the grocery store. But why is there so much hype in the term “Meal Prepping”? 


Easy. Actually super easy to explain. Meal Prepping keeps you on track to lose weight and keep on track with your fitness goals in the most minimum time. It takes a little strategy and effort to get the prepping thing down every week that doesn’t involve overspending and breaking your back in the kitchen all Sunday afternoon. But, I promise you that once you get the hang of it you may just get on the MP train with the rest of us. 


Some quick things when you begin to meal prep: 

1. Your carbohydrate needs are directly related to your level of physical activity, and you should eat more carbs when you are most active.  Loading up on those carbs (good carbs) and labeling some of your Meal Preps as “ACTIVE” days will help tremendously. 
2. Load up on veggies. They should make up 1/3 to 1/2 of your meal to provide you with high amounts of nutrients and fiber that will help keep your appetite in check and metabolism going strong.  
3. Use whole grains like quinoa, farro, brown rice and whole grain pasta as your base. They travel well and pair with any protein, veggie, and add lot’s of flavor. You can also use beans, peas, corn and potatoes (But watch those carbs, they creep up).
4. Use lean proteins to balance your dish. Chicken, fish, lean cuts of beef or even tofu. Try to keep fried proteins at a minimum. Eating more protein will help keep you satisfied and supports lean muscle, which is important for your overall health. 

This meal prep is a Deconstructed burger and fries. As you can see, both have the same ingredients. The one on the right is portioned for those who ideally are trying to lose weight (or those who are having a RESTING day). The portion of carbs is much smaller, the fats are minimal (cheese), and even your protein portion is smaller. Still loaded with shaved brussel sprouts for the nutrient intake. The portion on the right would be for those who are trying to gain muscle mass, weight or even maintaining (or those who are having a ACTiVE day). Portions of carbs and proteins are much higher with some higher in the fats (cheese). Still a healthy portion of brussel shavings.

Just like anything else, becoming a master at meal prepping takes time. But learning to meal plan, portion and cook yourself healthy options are important skills that will last you a lifetime, and are invaluable to your health. If would like further help, please always feel free to reach out to me and we can master your prepping together!

September 14, 2020

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