Macros, Calories, Nutrients…Oh My!

Let’s get down to the basics….


What is a Macronutrient?

Macros are macronutrients. Your body needs these nutrients in larger amounts in order to function properly as macro means large. In addition, all of these nutrients provide your body with energy measured in the form of calories or kcals. There are three types of macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

 *Carbohydrates contain 4 kcal per gram

 *Proteins contain 4 kcal per gram

 *Fats contain 9 kcal per gram  (this is roughly double the amount found in the other two macros)


Along with energy, all of these macronutrients have specific roles in your body that allows you to function properly.

How many CALORIES should I be eating daily? 
This is a tough question to answer. There is no one shoe fits all kinda answer. Everyone’s consumption of calories is going to look a little differently. Your body type, weight/muscle goals and lifestyle all takes a huge play into your caloric intake. 
However, let me help suggest a few things to help you figure out your MAGIC number:
First, know your body type. Know it well. Some bodies are designed to have long limbs, high metabolism and difficulty gaining muscle (ectomorph) while others are more stocky and fight their weight every day (endomorph). This alone will dictate how you eat and what to eat.
Secondly, are you trying to lose weight? Or gain weight? Notice I didn’t ask if you are just trying to tone up. Know your weight goals. If you feel you need to shed some weight, your caloric intake will be the opposite of someone who is trying to gain weight/muscle. 
Thirdly, how active are you? If I am an active person who works out 3-5x’s a week, obviously my body needs more calories for energy then someone who is sedentary. 
Once you answer all three of these questions, now you can work with your calorie intake by knowing your basal metabolic rate. 

What in the world is a Basal Metabolic Rate: Essentially, without getting too scientific, it is the minimal amount of calories you need for while resting. 

There is an equation to find out what yours is….however, if you are on the 8-Week Challenge, I have that number from your Bioimpedance Scan. 

Once you have your BMR, it is quite easy to find out what your calories should be daily to lose weight or to gain muscle. On average, you should cut 300 calories from your BMR if you want shed some weight and if you have goals to gain, you should add app. 300 calories. 

One thing to always keep in mind is the calorie deficit when you are actively exercising. Remember that macronutrients are our energy. If we expend too much, you will not properly fuel your body nor build the way you want. If you burn calories, you have to supplement those calories. Plain and simple. For example, if you are on a 1500 calorie diet and you burn 500 calories in bootcamp you will now need to add another 500 calories to your daily intake so you do not deplete your body. 

Just remember that calories and your macronutrients for your body type is very important in order to maintain a healthy body. It is essential to understand if you are trying to lose weight and/or gain muscle. It takes a little while to “get it” but once you do, I promise you will feel empowered. Like you have full understanding and power over your own body. It’s a pretty cool thing! 🙂


August 31, 2020

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