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B3 is more than gym, it's a community. Our mission is to transform your confidence from the inside out through fitness and healthy living. We're here to support and motivate you to reach your goals and feel your best.

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- Jonathan M.

My favorite kind of workout is the kind we do at B3 Bootcamp. I love the class environment and the fact that we cover so much in a 45 min workout. When I go to a regular gym it takes me an hour and a half to cover 2 body parts not including cardio. At B3, we do it all from cardio to strength to endurance, etc. These days I don't have an hour and a half to 2 hours in the gym time is precious.

- Amy B.

If you want someone who is genuinely whole heartedly as invested in hitting your goals as you are, Coach Chris is your guy! I've personal trained and taken classes with plenty of other trainers and I have never met anyone who's joy is more contagious than his. Chris has helped me rebuild my confidence in ways I never thought possible and hit goals I didn't think were attainable.

- Danny T.

Joining B3 was the best thing I have done for myself. Being a dad of three, it's hard finding time and motivation. Before I joined B3, I would go to other gyms and do the same routine with no results. B3 provided the support I needed to achieve my goals. The coaches push me to better everyday. They're like family. Do what I did, sign up for a free class and experience what B3 is all about!

- Liz G.

B3 Bootcamp is an amazing place to workout! The coaches are encouraging, caring, knowledgeable and take their time to teach you. At every level of experience, they have the perfect workout. If you have been thinking about finding a workout home with guidance and great people - give this place a try!

- Helena c

I LOVE THIS PLACE. I m not a fan of gyms. I always workout at home. However this time I need help to get motivated to start over again after stop my exercise routine for about 3 years. For the first time in my entire life I felt so welcome at the gym and part of a small group of people that are looking to change their life style and get serious about their health condition.